Kulturhaff Millermoler in Hinkel/Luxemburg
Genießen Sie in unserer Teestube biologische Teesorten, sowie weitere Produkte auf biologischer Basis.In der Bibliothek finden Sie u.a. regionale Literatur.Bioprodukte aus den luxemburgischen Naturparks, sowie aus dem Ausland finden Sie in unserem Shop zum mitnehmen.

In our small tea room, you can taste more than fifty sorts of tea which have been biologically grown, including the Luxembourg label ‘Téi vum Séi’. These may be drunk either in the tea-room, on the terrace, or purchased to be taken away. For those who prefer coffee and only drink tea when ill, we offer Biotransfer coffee and Dieschbourg. Beer, wine, juices and other soft drinks are also available.

Our cakes, bread and the majority of our dishes are made with ‘bio’ ingredients. We use meat from a ‘bio’ farmer and, wherever possible, use Luxembourgish products when preparing food.

There is a small library in our tea-room from which guests may borrow books and read them in tranquil surroundings.

Our tea room offers seating for about thirty people. On the first floor, another room offers seating for a maximum of fifty people. When it is warm, you can sit on the terrace in the courtyard.

In our small shop we offer regional, Luxembourgish and biologically grown products. We will gladly provide you with information about the products of the region of the Muellertal. Of course, other Luxembourgish products, as well as products labeled “Vum Sei” and “Ourdaller” are on offer. These products originate from the two nature parks of Luxembourg. Beside these products, which are both biologically produced and of very high quality, you can also find foreign ‘bio’ products in our assortment.

Luxembourgish products: Cheese from Berdorf | Goat cheese from Stegen | “Kornstube Rudolf” | Meat from Heedhaff and Baltes | Spelt „vum Sei“ | Tea “vum Sei” | Blossom “vum Sei” | Wine Legill | “Ourdaller” Products (products from the valley of the river Our) | Bofferding and Battin beer | Candle factory Esch/Sure | Pottery ware from the workshop run by | Autistic people in Esch-Alzette | etc.

Biologically grown products: “Sonnentor” (tea and spices) | Oasis (tea and spices) | Mount Everest (tea) | Biostro (sweets) | Rapunzel | Biog | etc.

Kulturhaff Millermoler · 13, rue Girsterklaus · L-6560 Hinkel/Rosport · Tel. 0 03 52/53 27 73 · Fax 26 74 30 78 · isip(at)pt.lu